Why use Shower In A Can?

We’re clearly biased, but we think Shower in a Can is the best thing since sliced bread! OK, maybe that’s a bit too revolutionary, but it’s pretty awesome. Don’t take our word for it ..


Shower in a Can took on one of the UK’s ultimate physical challenges - The 3 Peaks - eek! The group of friends agreed to put our cleansing foam clouds to the test whilst they scaled the UK’s highest mountains, it’s fair to say it was well received!

Becky said: “Shower in a Can was very handy, I smelt fresh, and it was more effective than using wet-wipes - and much better for the environment too!”

Alex said: “I used Shower in a Can on my hands after using the loo! It was much nicer than those alcohol type hand cleaners, and felt nice to use!

Kate said: “The foam was really light & fluffy, and easy to use. It dried quickly and wasn’t sticky at all. I used Shower in a Can on my arms, hands, my underarms and even my feet! I smelt clean and fresh - and felt it too!”

Christine also found Shower in a Can exceeded her expectations! “I used Shower in a Can as a proper mini-shower - head to toe - and I have to say ... I was super impressed! Smell gone, And not sticky at all.”


When we developed Shower in a Can, we knew we didn’t want to add another floating plastic bottle to the ocean. Our Can is aluminum, and can be recycled and even upcycled. The plastic pump is also recyclable, and we are committed to adding refills to our product range - kinder to the environment, and to your pocket!

Green recycling symbol - supporting Shower in a Can’s green credentials. The can is aluminium which can be recycled or upcycled.

Vegan Society Trademark - Shower in a Can is cruelty free therefore making it an ethical solution for on the go shower needs, whether for festivals, travel, sport and camping.


It’s not just the environment that we care about at Shower in a Can, our specially blended formula not only gets you clean and fresh, it’s kind to animals too! We’re proud to say we are registered with the Vegan Society - none of the ingredients in Shower in a Can have any animal derivatives in them, and the product isn’t tested on animals either.



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