What is Shower In A Can?

Shower in a Can was borne out of a desire to get school children into sport and exercise by removing a major barrier to getting involved - showering!  We wanted to create a discreet and hygienic way to get clean and fresh after PE, but it’s become so much more than that!

On our journey through development, we’ve uncovered a smorgasbord (I love that word!) of uses for Shower in a Can ... from offering disabled people an accessible and discreet way to get clean and fresh, allowing festival goers to get dance ready, to a handy pre-picnic hygienic hand sanitiser. So, regardless of where you are, who you are, or what you’re doing - Shower in a Can goes with you everywhere. We’re pretty sure this even applies to astronauts, however we’ll leave that with NASA to confirm. And with around 20 ‘showers’ per Can, it’s great value too!


We're passionate about getting kids into sport, and about helping remove the barriers stopping them get involved.  With Shower in a Can kids can get clean & fresh quickly and discreetly after PE, or after any sporting activity.  No more stinky French lessons after PE, or stomach-turning drives home after a weekend basketball game with a ponging teenager! 

And excitingly, Shower in a Can is now a member of the Youth Sport Trust (YST). As an independent UK charity, YST is devoted to building a brighter future for young people.




Time not on your side? Need to get back to work after a lunchtime yoga session, or have you spent too long scrolling your social media feed looking at images of cats and have no time to shower? A few pumps of Shower in a Can will keep your schedule on track … just remember to put the phone down before applying!


Say no to wet wipes – our antibacterial fluffy foam clouds are the hygienic, convenient and environmentally-friendly way to get clean when you're out and about. The handy-sized 100ml Can goes with you everywhere, from a picnic in the park, to a festival in a field.  So, whether you need to clean your hands, freshen up, or get clean from head to toe, Shower in a Can has you covered.



No shower? No problem! You don’t need water with Shower in a Can, or a towel for that matter! We’ve rigorously tested it and can vouch it will banish sweaty pongs, leaving you clean and fresh no matter how remote you are. From hiking, to biking, the handy size of Shower in a Can means it goes with you everywhere - you can be clean, and still have space for your protein bars!



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