So, How do I use Shower in a Can?


It's pretty straight forward ...

Find yourself with out a towel or water? Need to get clean and fresh on the go? Wondered if it was possible to have a dry shower? Well with Shower in a Can all you need to do is 'Pump & Apply, Wait to dry and BOOM you're ready to GO!

But how does it work?

Shower in a Can is mainly water ... but then so are you! This is mixed with some detergents.  The detergents dissolve oils and dirt on the skin into the water. 

They also help convert the liquid into the lovely, fluffy clouds of foam that appear when it’s mixed with air in our super pump. No nasty propellants!  

There’s also some antibacterial stuff. This kills whiffy bacteria on your skin - and helps stop the bacteria that causes body odour from coming back - making sure you feel and smell fresh.

So - when you put the foam on your skin, it dissolves dirt and oils into the water, and kills bacteria. It then evaporates from your skin, taking the dissolved dirt and oils with it. Leaving you feeling clean and fresh, and ready to go!

No need to rinse or dry.

Can you now understand GCSE chemistry? Yes, you Can! 

Woman working in a laboratory testing and creating Shower in a Can - creating the little fluffy clouds of foam that disolve dirt and leave you clean and fresh.

Sounds amazing! 

But you've still got some questions ...?

Here's some answers to questions we've been asked about Shower in a Can.  If you've got any questions of your own, click on ‘Connect’ and drop us a line.  If you've seen enough, then head to ‘Where’.

How many “showers” will I get out of a Can?

So – we’re all different shapes and sizes, and it depends on whether you use it for a quick "here and there", or an all-over "head to toe" shower experience. I’m 6ft (well 5ft 11 and a half …) and I’d say medium-build – unkind people who aren’t my friend may say large – and it takes me about 20 pumps for an all-over, refreshing experience which works out to be about 20 full showers per 100ml Can. Good value.


Does Shower in a Can have any nasty chemicals in it?

Nope. It’s Paraben and alcohol free. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s just a secret mixture of water, detergents and a preservative that has antibacterial properties.  Despite being developed by boffins in white coats, they ain’t no rocket scientists! They failed the exam …


Is Shower in a Can suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! It’s free from SLS which is a foaming agent that many other cosmetics contain. SLS can dry out the skin and cause issues for sensitive skins and scalps ... not good. It’s also been successfully dermatologically tested on students, who notoriously have bad skin, to ensure it’s safe for the likes of you, me and your kids.


Is Shower in a Can Vegan friendly?

Absolutely! Shower in a Can carries the Vegan Society trademark, which means you can be assured the ingredients in the product and the product itself are not derived from animals, and that the product is not tested on animals either. Cool!


Is Shower in a Can recyclable?

Yes. Yes it is. The can is made of aluminium, and the pump is plastic, so both can be recycled. You can even up-cycle the Can to become a pen holder, flower pot, or some other Pinterest-worthy creation. We’d love to see what you come up with, upload them via social media or send pics to Get creating! We're also exploring options to supply refills to ensure the cans and pumps are reused.  


Does Shower in a Can replace my shower?

Hell no. We know when you're caked in mud there isn’t a replacement out there that beats standing under a hot shower for an hour whilst lathering yourself up … but when you’re out and about and can’t get access to a shower, or just don’t fancy the prospect of using a public shower … yuk! … then Shower in a Can gives you the opportunity to freshen up after a night in a tent, or a fell-run, or before heading out on a works do with your secret office crush – there’s loads of opportunities now open to you to get clean and fresh. 


Can Shower in a Can be used as a substitute for a bed bath?

Yes. Yes it Can. We know that retaining independence and dignity are key to those of us that are injured, disabled or simply unable to get to a shower. Shower in a Can enables you to keep clean and fresh without assistance, as it requires no water, dries off quickly and naturally, and leaves you feeling fresh. It’s antibacterial as well!


Does Shower in a Can have a fragrance?

Nope. We’re not trying to mask the smell you’ve worked up in the gym. The antibacterial nature of Shower in a Can is obliterating it, leaving you clean and fresh.


Is this product for real? Does it really clean your body?

Yes – it’s for real! Yes, it will clean your body! Try it out.


Can I use Shower in a Can to clean my hair?

Yes. Yes it is. It works well on short hair, but for those of you with longer hair, it's a personal choice. Try it out and make a call.