Thursday 28th February was an exciting day for us as we headed to the bright lights of Coventry and the Ricoh Arena for the annual YST Conference. YST stands for Youth Sport Trust and Shower in a Can has been a proud member of the trust since October 2018. In fact, the last time we attended a YST event we launched Shower in a Can, so we were very excited to have the opportunity to spread the word even wider about our little fluffy clouds of clean - with our very own stand at the conference!

Set up with our jazzy, on-brand stand and plenty of Cans to give out, we were ready to tell the world about Shower in a Can. Given that Shower in a Can was inspired by wanting to remove one of the barriers to youth sport participation—not wanting to shower after PE— the Youth Sport Trust Conference was the perfect place to connect with like-minded people.


1. We need to make sure that our young people are mentally and physically equipped to learn

The opening speech given by the CEO of the YST, Alison Oliver, stated that,

“The world is moving faster than ever. Things keep spinning and moving but at the same time the world is slowing down and has almost stopped in terms of physical activity. Young people are getting less and less active but more stressed.

Children along with the elderly are now the loneliest in society and we are working children’s brains harder than ever but because of this, their brains are working less well.”

This means that it is more important than ever that young people have as few barriers as possible when being encouraged to get active, whether that’s not wanting to shower or not having access to the proper facilities.


2. There are so many incredible and inspiring people doing great things in the UK to get young people active

From Jenna Downing (Inline Skating World Champion) and Lipa Nessa (footballer and host of ‘I Think She’s Offside’ podcast) and the work they do as YST ambassadors, to all of the exhibitors who are passionate about helping schools and communities get their young people moving. It was a privilege to be among so many people who share our passion and to hear their ideas for the future of youth sport.

3. Shower in a Can has huge market potential

Not only did we make over 100 contacts at the conference, but we had loads of positive feedback from people across many different disciplines. From head teachers and skaters to mountain climbers and endurance athletes; they all thought Shower in a Can would come in useful when being active! Great stuff!


4. It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part

Shower in a Can was nominated for the Outstanding Innovation Partner Award which meant that we got to go to the swanky YST Awards Dinner in the evening. While we didn’t win on the night, it was a fantastic opportunity to network and to hear from ultra-marathon runner, Ben Smith, who completed 401 marathons in 401 days (crazy!). Huge congratulations go to the Mentally Healthy Schools Programme in Manchester who did win the Outstanding Innovation Partner Award and as for us, well, there’s always next year and we can’t wait!


Written by Christine Kavanagh