“I haven’t got time!”. “I haven’t got the energy!”. Sound familiar? It’s not always easy fitting exercise into our busy lives, but studies have shown that spending even half an hour working out during our lunch break can have lots of positive health benefits. These health benefits aren’t limited to the obvious physical ones such as better fitness and weight loss, but also include better memory recall, an improvement in mood—thanks to the release of serotonin—as well as lower stress levels. 

And there’s even more of a reason to give lunchtime exercise a go with the recent launch of Shower in a Can. Our tiny Can contains up to 20 “full body” washes with no need for water or a towel. So, you can get clean and fresh even if your workplace has no shower facilities—so…what are you waiting for? Check out our top 5 lunchtime exercise ideas and join the fitness revolution!


With 67% of office workers eating lunch at their desk, let’s start simple. Get up, leave your office and go for a walk! This is perfect for anyone who wants a bit of alone time, some fresh air and the chance to reflect on the day so far. It also doesn’t require you to buy any specialist equipment or change your clothing. All you need are some comfy shoes and the discipline to actually move away from your desk at lunch. Try setting an alarm to remind you that it is actually time for a break and enjoy the health benefits of burning up to 200 calories during a 30-minute walk.



If you’re feeling more active, going for a 30-minute run during your lunch break can burn up to 355 calories! Plus, the cardio workout releases serotonin which will last well into the afternoon to improve your mood. 

Lunchtime running requires a little more forward planning, so get organised and bring your running gear with you to work or even wear it under your normal clothes for a quick change time. 



It’s not always practical to fit in an actual lunchtime yoga class if you have to travel, get changed and eat your lunch all within one hour! Why not try taking your yoga mat to work with you and asking your boss to use a space in the office for your practice? If it’s sunny, you could even take your lunchtime yoga outside to a nearby park to enjoy the benefits of both the lunchtime exercise and the fresh air.



You don’t need fancy equipment to get a full-body workout during your lunch break! Change into your workout clothes and check out these staircase circuit training routines from You’ll definitely be needing to use Shower in a Can after!



This activity is great for people who like to be sociable when exercising. Grab a friend (or 10!) and head to the nearest park. Not only will you be keeping fit but taking part in a team sport is proven to improve communication, develop your feedback skills as well as helping to manage stress levels—all of which are beneficial in a work environment. 


Let us know whether you try any of these lunchtime activities and don’t forget to keep a Shower in a Can in your desk so you can get clean and fresh after working out with no need for water or a towel! 


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Written by Christine Kavanagh