The days are getting warmer, flowers are in bloom and Easter is almost upon us! Now, Easter entertainment can often revolve around chocolate eggs which are delicious, but unfortunately not very good for our health. With the NHS recommending that children and young adults do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day and the Youth Sport Trust reporting that 82.5% of young people are not meeting this target, we thought it was time to get creative with our Easter activity ideas!



No, Easter Egg Hunts are not just for young children! An active egg hunt brings out everyone’s competitive nature and gets the legs moving and the heart pumping!

Print out and laminate at least 100 egg pictures (it doesn’t take as long as you think!). Pick a large space, like a park or playing field and hide the eggs. Then, set the timer and let the chaos commence! The winning person/ pair are the ones that find the most amount of eggs in the given time and they win the prize!

If that sounds like too much effort, the National Trust has partnered with Cadbury’s and will be running Easter Egg Hunts all over the UK throughout April.



Going for a bike ride is a great way to get fit, breath fresh air and explore some of the beautiful countryside that the UK has to offer. You may never have noticed them, but there are many hidden cycle trails all around the UK. Whether you want a gentle woodland ride or more extreme mountain biking, the Forestry Commission can recommend routes near your home.



Try something new this Easter! There are more and more climbing centres popping up around the country and they normally include a bouldering room too. You can find your nearest one using the BMC directory. Bouldering is easier than climbing as a beginner as it does not require any harnesses or supports and you can do it by yourself. It uses all of the muscles in your body and you can burn anywhere between 500 and 900 calories an hour depending on how many breaks you take.

Once you’ve got confident indoors, get inspired by some of the best outdoor bouldering spots in the UK.



Trampolining has been an Olympic Sport since 2000 and there are now around 200 trampoline parks around the UK. According to a NASA study jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for 30 minutes and we know which one we’d rather be doing!

Airhop also offers ‘Airhop Chill’ inclusive sessions which are designed specifically for those on the autism spectrum.



You won’t even notice how fit you are getting when you are running through a forest trying not to be hit by paintballs! Fast, furious and fun, this is the perfect activity for a group of friends. You get to experience a real adrenaline rush and put all of the strategic skills developed by playing video games in to practice in real life.

We hope that you have lots of fun getting active this Easter! Wherever your adventures take you, don’t forget to take a  Shower in a Can to stay clean and fresh with no need for water and share your photos with us on social media! Find out more about Shower in a Can by visiting our FAQ page


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Written by Ben Cooper