Evening Canners! 

Our avid adventurer and brand guru Christine from @TonicBristol and her friends successfully took on the Three Peaks Challenge last weekend. And smashed their £1000 target, raising an amazing £4500 for @cardiacriskintheyoung ! 

It’s a fantastic achievement, and all in memory of their close friend Nic Butterell. You should all be very proud of yourselves. 

We are of you.

The tough, hot conditions meant Shower in a Can also got a good work out after the girls kindly offered to try it out: and their feedback has been amazing!

Becky said: “Shower in a Can was very handy, I smelt fresh, and it was more effective than using wet-wipes - and much better for the environment too!” 

Alex said: “I used Shower in a Can on my hands after using the loo! It was much nicer than those alcohol type hand cleaners, and felt nice to use! There wasn’t any stickiness.”

Kate said: “The foam was really light & fluffy, and easy to use. It dried quickly and wasn’t sticky at all. I used Shower in a Can on my arms, hands, my underarms and even my feet! I smelt clean and fresh - and felt it too!”

Now, some cynical types might say she’s biased, but Christine also found Shower in a Can exceeded her expectations! “I used Shower in a Can as a proper mini-shower - head to toe - and I have to say ... I was super impressed! Smell gone. And not sticky at all. I did genuinely feel clean and fresh.”

Sounds like Shower in a Can performed pretty well!

Written by Christine Kavanagh