Hey Canners,

Did you know it was @PlasticFreeJuly ?

Plastic is having a huge impact on our environment and wildlife - and in particular single use plastic. We’ve all seen the articles and images about wet wipes blocking sewers and marine animals swallowing so much plastic they can’t feed! It’s time to get involved.

When we came up with Shower in a Can we didn’t want to be yet another plastic bottle floating around the sea ... it was so important to us that our product was as free of plastic as possible. 

Shower in a Can ... is in a Can.

There was no way we were going to use a plastic bottle and be a contributor to the plastic problem - ours is aluminium and recyclable and the pump uses as little plastic as possible. We will be offering a refill option to further reduce waste.

#ChoosetoRefuse as much plastic as you possibly can this month ... and every month! Visit the @plasticfreejuly website and find out how you can get involved.

Written by Christine Kavanagh