Shower in a Can's Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

Whether you are heading to Glastonbury, Download, Reading or one of the hundreds of other festivals happening this summer, you can be sure that Shower in a Can’s Ultimate Festival Survival Guide will set you up to have the best festival experience ever!


1. Stay hydrated

Do not underestimate how much water you need to drink while you’re at a festival, especially if it is hot (we can all dream!). The NHS recommends that on a normal day you should drink 6-8 glasses of fluid with water, sugar-free drinks and tea and coffee all counting. However, if it is hot and you are walking and dancing loads, then this needs to be more. A top tip on hydration management, given to us by a World Challenge expedition leader, is that your pee should be straw coloured and if your lips are dry, then you are dehydrated. Of course, everyone is different, but this is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Also, unfortunately, alcoholic drinks do not count as part of your fluid intake as they actually dehydrate you. So, a good idea is to take a plastic-free, refillable bottle and fill it up from water taps throughout the day.

2. Stay clean

There is nothing worse when it is hot and you’ve been dancing (and sweating!) than not being able to freshen up. Popping a tiny Shower in a Can in your bag will give you up to 20 full body washes with no need for water. Our little fluffy clouds of foam mean that you can get clean and fresh in the privacy of your tent without damaging the environment, as the can is made from 100% recyclable aluminium. Plus, all your friends will hugely appreciate it!


3. Agree meeting points and times

Technology is good, but it is currently not that good—when there are thousands of people gathered in one place the phone signal and 4G often don’t work. This can lead to friends left adrift at a festival because they wanted to go and see a different band. Avoid this (pretty scary) situation by agreeing on a meeting point and time if you and your friends are going to split up. Also, make sure that you are wearing an old-school analogue watch so that you know when you should be meeting in case your phone battery dies. Which leads us conveniently on to...


4. Take nothing that you’re not willing to lose

You might have the latest iPhone, designer sunglasses and designer watch, but unless you are in the VIP section, a festival is not the place to bring them! Instead, take a burner phone, a cheap analogue watch and clothes and jewellery that you don’t mind getting covered in mud/sweat/lost. You don’t want to ruin your festival experience by losing something valuable to you.


5. Live the high life

If there are hills in the camp area make sure that you choose a pitch that is higher up the hill. You might slide down in the tent in the night, but at least you won’t end up in a muddy bog when the inevitable rain of the “Great British Summer” arrives!

We hope that you have an amazing festival experience!  Wherever your music tastes take you, don’t forget to take a  Shower in a Can to stay clean and fresh with no need for water and share your photos with us on social media! Find out more about Shower in a Can by visiting our FAQ page

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