What does carrying the Vegan Society trademark actually mean?

Last week, we were granted the right to include the Vegan Society Trademark on our Cans for the second year in a row. Now this doesn’t just mean that we are vegan-friendly (we definitely are!) it also means that our Shower in a Can product has gone through a rigorous approval process to make sure that every part of our product meets Vegan Society regulations.

Lots of products claim to be Vegan Friendly, but we’re extremely proud of our Vegan Society credentials because we know what we have to go through to get approval,  So you know it’s a Mark you can trust, we thought we’d share exactly what carrying the Vegan Society trademark actually means and what you have to do to get it.

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What does the Vegan Society Trademark Guarantee?

In 1944, the Vegan Society created the word ‘vegan’ and it has been the authentic international vegan standard ever since. Whenever you see the Vegan Society trademark it shows that the product contains no animal or animal-derived products both in the final product or during the manufacturing or development process. It also means that none of the products used during the manufacturing or development process or the actual product have been tested on animals.

What do you have to do to get the Vegan Society Trademark?

Step 1

We have to obtain written, detailed confirmation from each of our ingredient suppliers (including companies from Italy, Germany and France) regarding the origins of the ingredients and to ensure that they were not derived from or tested on animals. We refresh this regularly to make sure that our vegan credentials are always accurate.

Step 2

We have to obtain confirmation from the board of our  manufacturer that they do not undertake animal testing, which is again confirmed regularly.

Step 3

We send all of this information to the Vegan Society and it is then audited by an expert team before they grant us the Vegan Society Trademark.

Step 4

We proudly present the Trademark on each and every can of Shower in a Can.

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